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Our Story

The Robinhood of Data (Liquidity)

HACERA addresses one of the biggest challenges in our business: unlocking the true value of data, anywhere, anytime.

We enable rightful owners and providers of data to unlock their full value in a secure, effortless, self-sovereign way HACERA enabled users to make informed decisions based on instantly and universally accessible, trusted, verifiable data.

Time has Come to let Data Work for Us

HACERA is developing an innovative autonomous data exchange network, where data owner’s data privacy, sharing/exchange, monetization, and governance are handled autonomously by the network intelligence while simplifying the discovery and instant compliant use of the data by its users.

HACERA autonomous data-sharing platform is built on top of an industry-proven, highly-scalable decentralized digital asset exchange foundation, combined with multi-party, multi-cloud, multi-network decentralized identity management, Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP), cryptography, and governance systems

Our Unbounded Team

Makers of powerful data technologies handcrafted with business thought

Since 2016, our amazing team of top software engineers, data scientists, product alchemists, and privacy experts - spread across Europe, the USA, and Israel – is crafting novel products, technologies, and platforms that are fueling some of the world’s most valuable financial and supply-chain networks today with secure, multi-party data sharing and exchange at scale.

We’re partnering with the most important organizations and brands in the world.

Pioneer's DNA

Discover the Technologies and Markets we have Pioneered

Since 2016, HACERA has continuously pioneered new technologies and solutions that have allowed us, together with our customers and partners, to bring data and digital asset transfer and exchange solutions that reimagine markets, supply-chains, and new business models, and help shape the future of industries.


Introducing enterprise-grade decenteralized identity & access-control

HACERA releases the world's first enterprise decentralized role-based access control


Pioneering blockchain for enterprises & promoting global blockchain interoperability

HACERA demonstrates live the world’s first fully interoperable, decentralized financial application winning two awards. It beautifully illustrates how 4 different blockchains can handle isolated responsibilities while still collaborating around a single business workflow

HACERA and IBM release Hyperledger Fabric™ 1.0, one of the world’s most significant blockchain framework for regulated environments and enterprises. Jonathan, HACERA CEO, manages the world’s first multi-company (28 orgs) blockchain development initiative.

HACERA unveils the world's first decentralized governance framework at the RSA Conference


Unveiling a multi-party, multi-blockchain, multi-network application ecosystem

HACERA launches The Unbounded Network™, the most prominent backbone of the new Network of Networks with multi-cloud decentralized identity, logic & data interoperability

HACERA unveils the Unbounded Registry — the world’s first decentralized global “Yellow-Pages” / Directory of private and public blockchains and decentralized apps.


Enabling automated blockchain app deployment while boosting privacy

HACERA introduces world’s first “WordPress of Blockchain”: Deploy any decentralized app (dApp) in minutes to a blockchain of choice, using a new platform called Unbounded SCALE

HACERA leads the integration of the Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) based privacy in IBM’s Fabric, finally offering private transactions with a profoundly finer-grained level of privacy.


Fighting COVID-19 with Data & boosting token deployment at scale

HACERA demonstrates the world’s first enterprise-grade visual token generator and automated multi-cloud deployment at the Hyperledger Global Forum


HACERA launches MiPasa™ — the world’s most prominent open verifiable COVID-19 data-sharing hub with instant backing from global tech leaders such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft.

Our Timeline

Jul 2020

Our CEO, Jonathan Levi, is the Chair of the Token Taxonomy Framework (TTF) at the IWA

Apr 2020

HACERA pilots ValueX™, a data sharing provenance & tokenization solution, part of the MiPasa™ platform

May 2017

HACERA unveils Kore™, the world's first decentralized enterprise-grade Data Governance product


Officially founded

Oct 2016

HACERA releases UIM™, the world's first enterprise-grade decentralized identity management and role-based access control