HYPERLEDGER Fabric Advanced

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  • Author: Jonathan Levi
  • Language : English

Course Agenda

Chapter 1

Distributed Ledger Technology Technical Introduction

Chapter 2

Hyperledger Fabric & Components

Chapter 3

Tools & Utilities

Chapter 4

Creating a new network

Chapter 5

UI for Fabric

Chapter 6

Use Cases an Intro

Chapter 7

Analyze and code use case

Chapter 8

Deploy use case

Chapter 9

Review your solution

Chapter 10

Next Steps


General Blockchain knowledge required

DevOps experience required

Golang or other languages knowledge required

Course description

This Hyperledger Fabric Advanced class will teach you everything that is needed in work with blockchain, from how to work with docker, to how to work with Hyperledger Composer.
Who is this course for?
Developers and technical decision makers.