HACERA brings DAML smart contracts to Multiple Blockchains and Clouds

HACERA brings DAML smart contracts to Multiple Blockchains and Clouds

HACERA brings DAML smart contracts to Multiple Blockchains and Clouds

Digital Asset and HACERA partner to enable DAML for Hyperledger Fabric, enabling clients to deploy distributed applications to multiple clouds through the Unbounded Network

New York, June 18, 2019 — Digital Asset, the creators of the DAML smart contract language, and HACERA, a leading blockchain technology provider and a maintainer of the open source Hyperledger Fabric project, announced today that the two technologies have been integrated to allow smart contracts written in DAML to run on the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain framework. This is the second integration of DAML with a Hyperledger framework. Digital Asset announced plans to enable DAML for Hyperledger Sawtooth earlier this year.

“Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Sawtooth are two of the most widely adopted blockchain platforms. Hyperledger members collaborating to integrate open source projects increases each of their value to more than the sum of the parts, enabling developers to write DAML applications once and choose which platform to deploy to,” said Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger.

DAML is an open source platform-agnostic smart contract language designed for use in multi-party business processes. DAML abstracts away the underlying complexities of blockchain platforms, allowing developers to focus purely on the business logic of the applications while giving clients deployment flexibility as well as application portability.

HACERA is the third Digital Asset partner to use the DAML Integration Toolkit, an open source suite that enables the adoption of DAML by third party platforms. Following integrations with Hyperledger Sawtooth and VMware Blockchain, HACERA makes it possible to create, test and deploy DAML-driven applications on Hyperledger Fabric. The integration will be available under an Apache 2.0 open source license and will be submitted to the Hyperledger community.

“We’re very excited that HACERA have integrated DAML with Hyperledger Fabric, which has one of the largest developer communities of any blockchain platform,” said Dan O’Prey, CMO and Head of Community at Digital Asset and Chair of the Hyperledger Marketing Committee. “We look forward to continuing to work with the Hyperledger community to increase interoperability, standardization, and application portability.”

Deploying a DAML smart contract on Hyperledger Fabric (on Azure, IBM Blockchain Platform and Oracle Cloud)

The integration with Hyperledger Fabric will be commercially supported by HACERA’s Unbounded Network, a decentralized network that connects public and permissioned blockchains across clouds, which brings leading blockchain technologies, organizations, and projects together.

“There are multiple blockchain platforms, each designed for different needs. When we started developing Hyperledger Fabric in 2016, it was with the mindset that there wouldn’t be a single blockchain for all types of distributed applications,” said Jonathan Levi, Founder and CEO of HACERA. “When Digital Asset open-sourced DAML, it aligned with our mission to enhance and secure distributed applications, allowing participants to collaborate. By supporting DAML applications, Unbounded Network now provides an easy way to deploy DAML applications across multiple blockchains and clouds.”

In April, Digital Asset announced that it had open sourced its DAML language, runtime, and Software Development Kit (SDK) under an Apache 2.0 software license, enabling third parties to modify DAML and integrate it with other platforms. In addition, the DAML SDK Developer Preview is now available to all developers, following a private beta program announced last year.

Next week at Synchronize Europe, HACERA will unveil the ALPHA version of its multi-platform DAML deployment capabilities on the Unbounded Network – where they will demonstrate porting, migrating, and moving a DAML application from a script editor to a cloud environment, in just a few easy steps. The public release of the full Enterprise-grade component is expected in September.

Digital Asset co-founder and CTO, Shaul Kfir, HACERA co-founder and CEO, Jonathan Levi, and Hyperledger Executive Director, Brian Behlendorf, are lined-up to speak at IMN’s Synchronize Europe in London on June 18 at the etc. venues, St. Paul’s at 200 Aldersgate, London, EC1A 4HD. To register, please visit the Synchronize Europe website.

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Founded in 2014, Digital Asset is a leading provider of distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions that solve real-world business challenges. The company combines deep industry expertise with advanced technologies, including DAML, an intuitive smart contract language, to help clients streamline multi-party business processes on distributed platforms. To learn more about Digital Asset, please visit To learn more about DAML and download the DAML SDK, please visit


Founded in 2016, HACERA is a multi-national blockchain technology provider that release-managed Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 with IBM Corp. HACERA has products in the following categories: Identity, Governance (credential management, policy, and privileges), Privacy (using Zero-Knowledge Proofs and side-channels) and Clearance & Settlement. To learn more about HACERA, please visit:

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