MiPasa by HACERA

MiPasa by HACERA

MiPasa by HACERA

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All around the world, irrespective of the COVID-19 infection rate or the severity of the lockdowns, one key ingredient that we are all missing from the life we lived just a few weeks ago is – certainty. Not only is it very difficult to live under such long lockdowns – let alone the fact that the scale of economic and financial damage of this global crisis are yet to be realized, but everybody across the globe was and still is looking for ways to make informed decisions.

This is where MiPasa comes to help.

MiPasa is a scalable, verifiable open data hub that makes it very easy to process and analyze COVID-19-related information at scale. The MiPasa APIs allow you to fetch data programmatically, as well as to build apps on top of it that consume the blockchain-backed data feed. The goal is for developers to use this unified, secure data source to build applications around trend analysis, graphing, and analytics, incorporating other methodologies for statistical analysis, machine learning, or AI.

MiPasa can help you build models that will help model, process, or predict resource availability, social distancing statistics, point-of-contact data, or cross-organizational notification mechanisms through synchronized data flows.

The need for an integrated, verifiable data hub

Many scientists and researchers who are looking to study the data, even data that is publicly available, find it very difficult at first to work with different versions of each data feed, or work with data that is provided in various update frequencies, different structures, and even published in different languages.

It became clear that there needed to be a way to integrate COVID-19-related data and make it easily accessible to others so that no one has repeat the steps to use the data. MiPasa normalizes and standardizes much of the information provided from all of the contributing data streams (for example, using ISO 3166 for country codes, or quoting time and date information using a unified time zone). Additionally, MiPasa uses blockchain technology to make sure that the data consumed is tamper-proof. The result is a versioned, standardized set of data that is easily accessed from a unified set of APIs.

With MiPasa, every developer now has a powerful, secure, and trusted data platform being supported by IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, The Weather Channel, and various universities and government organizations, along with an easy-to-use SDK at their disposal.

The following video provides a walk-through of MiPasa.

What will you do with it? Answer the call and get started today!

Don’t hesitate to contact us at or by using the live help/intercom chat support option on the MiPasa website.

Stay Safe and Good luck!


MiPasa uses data analytics and privacy tools that were built by HACERA and were previously only available to elite financial institutions. MiPasa uses these products to work with health-related data. MiPasa uses the IBM Blockchain Platform and IBM Cloud connected to the decentralized Unbounded Network, which was backed by IBM and has been in production since 2018.