Why HACERA, Intel, IBM, BitWise, Cargill are co-sponsoring Hyperledger Transact?

Why HACERA, Intel, IBM, BitWise, Cargill are co-sponsoring Hyperledger Transact?

Why HACERA, Intel, IBM, BitWise, Cargill are co-sponsoring Hyperledger Transact?

HACERA is happy to announce that along with BitWise, Cargill, IBM and Intel, we are working on a library for executing transactions with smart contracts in a platform-agnostic way.

The library allows us to more rapidly integrate a variety of smart contract technologies such as WebAssembly (see also HACERA’s Technology page for more info) multiple chains. Transact is informed from experiences and design in multiple Hyperledger frameworks including Hyperledger Sawtooth and Hyperledger Fabric.


Smart contracts are a fundamental building block of distributed ledgers. In distributed ledger frameworks, a transaction represents an intended change that is submitted by a user. Transactions are interpreted by smart contracts, which update the current state of the system as a result.

Existing solutions for smart contract execution are generally tied to a specific distributed ledger implementation, which limits the code’s reusability. Hyperledger Transact will reduce the development effort for distributed ledger solutions by providing a standard interface for executing smart contracts that is separate from the distributed ledger implementation.

What’s Coming

Hyperledger Transact makes writing distributed ledger software easier by providing a shared software library that handles the execution of smart contracts, including all aspects of scheduling, transaction dispatch, and state management. 

The main idea is that distributed ledgers in the Unbounded Network will be able to use Transact’s advanced transaction execution and state management to simplify the transaction execution code in their projects and to take advantage of Transact’s additional features.

We are happy to co-sponsor, support and help driving this.


Founded in 2016, HACERA is a multi-national blockchain technology provider that release-managed Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 with IBM Corp. HACERA has products in the following categories: Identity, Governance (credential management, policy, and privileges), Privacy (using Zero-Knowledge Proofs and side-channels) and Clearance & Settlement.

About the Unbounded Network

Unbounded Network is a decentralized platform that brings leading blockchain technologies, organizations and projects together, including IBM Blockchain Platform, Oracle Blockchain Platform, Microsoft Azure and AWS.

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