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Future of AI

Our CEO, Jonathan Levi, is presenting at 14:35 IST, explaining MiPasa.

MiPasa is a multi-party, multi-source verifiable data sharing platform, built for the challenging road ahead.

Actively supported by some of today’s most powerful technology and research leaders, we have built MiPasa to accelerate global resiliency by enabling a trusted, integrated, multiparty, transparent yet privacy-respecting and responsibly-governed data sharing network.

The key is data.

A true data sharing ecosystem already helping address both the sudden spike in need for verifiable data during the COVID-19 outbreak challenge, as well as deliver future data reasons and certainty, by improving our ability to access, validate and harness data and analytics at scale.

BlockchainUA 2020

Practical, Legal, Tokenization

Our CEO, Jonathan Levi, will talk about the importance of tokenizations and practical issues and suggestions for both developers and execs who are interested in developing, buying/selling or exchanging tokenized crypto assets.

Mobile Payments Conference — The State of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Today

As regulators and the compliance landscape begin to understand the Cryotpocurrency and related digital asset space, it levels the playing field for the incumbent banks to jump into DeFi or crypto space.

As part of this panel, our CEO will discuss the shift in the ecosystem fueled by the new establishment entrants.

As well as bridging traditional finance and DeFi on the back of cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.

Distributed Ledgers: The Next Generation

What will it take for Distributed Ledgers to
become the backbone of a post-industrial economy?

Starting with Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) have been presented as a new paradigm of computation, enablers for business decentralization, and a mechanism for building uniquely attractive business models. And yet, the revolution is taking longer than people expected. In this session we will discuss why and explore what comes next.

We will discuss:

  • The story of distributed ledgers and their adoption so far
  • Powerful applications in operation today
  • Weaknesses of first and second generation DLTs
  • How will these problems be addressed in the next generation of DLTs?
  • Regulatory obstacles to adopting DLTs
  • What might the DLT landscape look like in 3-5 years?
  • What are the most exciting applications coming next?

Submit your own questions during the event!

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Hands-On Workshop: Fight COVID-19 with innovative data models using MiPasa

Join us at a special workshop to learn how to use the MiPasa platform – an open, blockchain-based Open Data Hub that enables the development and deployment of data analysis, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models to production in minutes.

For the Global Call for Code 2020 Hackathon participants, MiPasa will provide full access to COVID-19 datasets, Python code samples, Jupyter Notebooks and other relevant tools to develop your solution and solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

About the Session

Learn how to use MiPasa to work collaboratively with public and private COVID-19 related datasets; create, test and share models, code and insights, even publish your creations with the world. It is our hope that you will be matched with top data scientists, peer innovators, developers, startup founders and investors, developing innovative approaches to the current crisis. Your goal will be to quickly come up with approaches to monitoring, diagnosing and controlling the Coronavirus.

Converting Data to Decisions is powerful: why not take it globally?

We will provide you full mentorship support on using your model or developing a solution for the global Call for Code 2020 hackathon, with amazing prizes this year: $200,000 for the grand prize, $25,000 for the first and second, and $10,000 for the third and fourth places.


17:00-17:30 How crisis drives technological innovation
17:30-18:30 Using MiPasa’s Data Analysis for Making Informed Decisions in the fight against COVID-19. From code to results in 5 mins.


1. Internet connection and a browser
2. Sign-Up to MiPasa. Please do so in advance here
3. Basic familiarity with Python is a plus


Jonathan Levi— CEO of HACERA & MiPasa co-founder
Moti Krispil— MiPasa co-founder, Chief Strategy
Alon Sivan— MiPasa co-founder, Operating Officer
Tal Neeman— Developer Advocate, IBM

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Hyperledger Global Forum

Phoenix, USA

The HACERA team just got back from Phoenix for the Hyperledger Global Forum and has put together some thoughts about everything they learned. More than 450 Hyperledger community members attended to discuss everything from the latest Fabric innovations (we added some ourselves!) to new toolsets to help enterprise developers stand up their networks.

If you’re looking for the highlights (according to us, of course), we put together our Four Takeaways From The Hyperledger Global Forum. Have a look and tell us what you think.

And if you’re looking for a quick dive into the technology, check out this post on our demo from Tuesday, March 6. Yes, we believe tokens can radically improve your enterprise blockchain networks and we explain WHY and HOW to do it. In less than the time it takes to make your favorite cup of coffee, we demonstrate the ability to launch a Token dApp on Fabric, managed by a DAML-on-Fabric smart contract, running on an Oracle node.

Want more information on the product that enables that kind of deployment? Head over to our Products page for an overview of our latest offering, Unbounded SCALE™, or Smart Contract Abstraction Layer for Enterprise.

Token Taxonomy Initiative

New York City, USA

The Token Taxonomy Initiative (TTI) hosted a packed house of blockchain professionals at Microsoft’s Manhattan offices for a sold out Token Workshop that was open to the public.  Attendees were taken through the TTI’s mission of developing “clear definition and scope of token concepts, including use cases, taxonomy, terminology, and specifications” and invited to participate in one of two breakout sessions focused on the development and business considerations for fungible or non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Click here to read our blog write-up on this incredible event and catch a short video of HACERA CEO Jonathan Levi discussing his inclusion philosophy and interest in getting more companies and developers to participate in the discussion.


Split, Croatia

A three-day conference for people who are working on building the privacy infrastructure for the public good, broken into three tracks:

  1. Zcash protocol and ecosystem;
  2. Privacy tech in other cryptocurrencies and applications;
  3. Community and governance.

This event is for privacy researchers, practitioners, influencers, and members of the Zcash community.

Ethereal Summit 2019

New York City, USA

Ethereal Summit is continuing upon a strong tradition of championing those building the infrastructure and applications driving blockchain tech, in addition to providing a platform for the cultural and humanistic aspects of the decentralization movement.

We are there to talk to enterprises, SMBs and startups, happy to connect and build authentic relationships.

Blockchain Global Expo

London, United Kingdom

We are opening the “Blockchain for Business” track at the Blockchain Expo Global 2019 in London

We are delighted to open the Blockchain for Business track at the “Blockchain Expo Global” this year. It is one of the World’s largest Blockchain Conference and Exhibition. The main focus of the Exhibition is the future of enterprise technology.

We are going to talk about Running blockchain in production, securely (in Enterprise settings) at 10:05am on Friday, April 26, and will be part of the panel of what does it mean to have blockchain interoperability?

Topics Covered

A wide variety of topics will be covered in the event including enterprise, cryptocurrency, security tokens, platforms, strategies, investors, technical, and applications. This means that you can explore a wide range of topics that are related to each other. The expo also offers the ability to understand how different technologies cover compliment each other and works amazingly in the enterprise ecosystem.

Conference Agenda

Day 1: Connected Industry, Smart Buildings & Energy, Blockchain Solutions for Enterprise, Blockchain Platforms & Strategies, Enterprise AI, Enterprise Security – IoT and Digital Transf., Developing for the IoT, Data Analytics for AI & IoT, Enterprise IoT Solutions, Blockchain for Business, Investors, Innovations & Security Tokens, Developing Security Solutions and finally networking event.

Day 2: Connected Industry, Smart Transport & Cities, Blockchain Solutions for Enterprise, Fintech, Securities & Regulations, Enterprise AI, Cyber Security: Emerging Tech & Regulations, IoT Innovations & Solutions, Business Outcomes of the IIoT, Blockchain Technology Solutions, Developing Security Solutions, AI Technology Solutions, and Big Data Business Solutions.

Rebuild 2019: Genesis

Toronto, Canada

Rebuild 2019: Genesis is a blockchain event held by the Rebuild conference. It will take place from 23rd Apr. 2019 to 24 Apr. 2019. It is a two-day event and is going to take place in Toronto, Canada.

The event is all about discussing technology and its impact on our current society. As an attendee, you will be able to learn from the technologist, thought leaders, authors, journalist, and academia. The main topic is blockchain, and they will discuss the problems, advancement around the blockchain infrastructure. They will also share their solutions regarding the problems.

The other key technological themes that are going to be discussed include journalism, data ownership, social media, privacy, data ethics, financial systems. They will discuss how these sectors will be impacted by distributed ledger technology and programmatic trust.

Synchronize 2019

New York City, USA

Synchronize is the leading conference dedicated to enterprise and institutional applications of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), blockchain technology and smart contracts within financial services.

Synchronize 2019 stands out as the premier event for thought leadership, learning, business development and networking among senior financial services decision makers.

We will be in NYC again this year, to talk to our customers, partners and … friends!

Conrad New York,
102 North End Avenue 
New York, NY 10282 United States

ZK0X03 — ZK Summit — Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Come see and hear our CEO talking about Zero-Knowledge Proofs in both permissioned and permission-less settings at 14:30.

While there are a few promising use-cases where Zero-Knowledge Proofs technology is a clear enabler… it is not as easy as it seems.

Indeed, ZKP-based systems are being challenged these days both in permission-less (e.g., the latest ZCash vulnerability) and in permissioned settings (e.g., recent arguments against Identity Mixer). We believe that a proper review process, open verification and feedback are really key!

HACERA has been using ZKP in production for over two years… let’s take a step back and openly examine the promises, the risks and the various assumptions that do not always hold in practice.