Blockchain Global Expo

April 25-26, 2019 Event Website 

We are opening the “Blockchain for Business” track at the Blockchain Expo Global 2019 in London

We are delighted to open the Blockchain for Business track at the “Blockchain Expo Global” this year. It is one of the World’s largest Blockchain Conference and Exhibition. The main focus of the Exhibition is the future of enterprise technology.

We are going to talk about Running blockchain in production, securely (in Enterprise settings) at 10:05am on Friday, April 26, and will be part of the panel of what does it mean to have blockchain interoperability?

Topics Covered

A wide variety of topics will be covered in the event including enterprise, cryptocurrency, security tokens, platforms, strategies, investors, technical, and applications. This means that you can explore a wide range of topics that are related to each other. The expo also offers the ability to understand how different technologies cover compliment each other and works amazingly in the enterprise ecosystem.

Conference Agenda

Day 1: Connected Industry, Smart Buildings & Energy, Blockchain Solutions for Enterprise, Blockchain Platforms & Strategies, Enterprise AI, Enterprise Security – IoT and Digital Transf., Developing for the IoT, Data Analytics for AI & IoT, Enterprise IoT Solutions, Blockchain for Business, Investors, Innovations & Security Tokens, Developing Security Solutions and finally networking event.

Day 2: Connected Industry, Smart Transport & Cities, Blockchain Solutions for Enterprise, Fintech, Securities & Regulations, Enterprise AI, Cyber Security: Emerging Tech & Regulations, IoT Innovations & Solutions, Business Outcomes of the IIoT, Blockchain Technology Solutions, Developing Security Solutions, AI Technology Solutions, and Big Data Business Solutions.