Hands-On Workshop: Fight COVID-19 with innovative data models using MiPasa

July 12, 2020

Join us at a special workshop to learn how to use the MiPasa platform – an open, blockchain-based Open Data Hub that enables the development and deployment of data analysis, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models to production in minutes.

For the Global Call for Code 2020 Hackathon participants, MiPasa will provide full access to COVID-19 datasets, Python code samples, Jupyter Notebooks and other relevant tools to develop your solution and solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

About the Session

Learn how to use MiPasa to work collaboratively with public and private COVID-19 related datasets; create, test and share models, code and insights, even publish your creations with the world. It is our hope that you will be matched with top data scientists, peer innovators, developers, startup founders and investors, developing innovative approaches to the current crisis. Your goal will be to quickly come up with approaches to monitoring, diagnosing and controlling the Coronavirus.

Converting Data to Decisions is powerful: why not take it globally?

We will provide you full mentorship support on using your model or developing a solution for the global Call for Code 2020 hackathon, with amazing prizes this year: $200,000 for the grand prize, $25,000 for the first and second, and $10,000 for the third and fourth places.


17:00-17:30 How crisis drives technological innovation
17:30-18:30 Using MiPasa’s Data Analysis for Making Informed Decisions in the fight against COVID-19. From code to results in 5 mins.


1. Internet connection and a browser
2. Sign-Up to MiPasa. Please do so in advance here
3. Basic familiarity with Python is a plus


Jonathan Levi— CEO of HACERA & MiPasa co-founder
Moti Krispil— MiPasa co-founder, Chief Strategy
Alon Sivan— MiPasa co-founder, Operating Officer
Tal Neeman— Developer Advocate, IBM

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