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HACERA Private-Sea™

A powerful Data Sharehouse In-a-box

Data Sharing is Broken

Users want to make smarter decisions or accelerate research, but the data they need is siloed, inconsistent, error-prone, outdated and constantly changes.

Smarter. Safer. Trusted. Cost-Effective Data Sharing

HACERA ValueX™ is a modern, disruptive form of data sharing that delivers cloud-agnostic, content-aware, harmonized, trusted, always recent, user-friendly, secure, responsible data sharing. Did we miss anything?

ValueX™ is all about creating, sharing and accessing a single source of data truth. Taking data from disparate sources, clearing away misleading, inconsistent or inaccurate data, and making it accessible effortlessly and in responsible way.

Smarter. Safer. Trusted. Cost-Effective Data Sharing

Improve the quality and utility of your data by bringing together multi-source, multi-party “raw” data of varying formats, naming conventions, columns, terminologies, and taxonomies and transform it into one smart, trusted, cohesive, harmonized data.

Help users stay focused on their business or research, avoiding tedious “data plumbing”.

Seamless data automation: Easily automate the transformation and harmonization data models, no matter how complex it is:

  • Fix incorrect formatting
  • Remove inconsistencies
  • Cleanse data
  • Resolve discrepancies or anomalies
  • Harmonize records & classifications
  • Normalize data
  • Universalize data
  • Time stamp
  • Digitally sign and record origin
  • Digitally pair sources with user models
Choose your data, run models, and generate powerful visualization and insights in minutes.

Improve the quality and utility of your data by bringing together multi-source, multi-party “raw” data of varying formats, naming conventions, columns, terminologies, and taxonomies and transform it into one smart, trusted, cohesive, harmonized data.

  • A data access, sharing, model analysis and visualization SaaS
  • Dramatically lowers the total cost of data analysis & decision making
  • Accelerates research, analysis, and creation of visualizations
  • Multi source discovery: Easily discover the most relevant data set(s)​
  • Use trusted harmonized and always up-to-date data
  • Create new analyses, visualizations or models without IT involvement
  • Your models will never “break” because of data format changes
  • Manage multiple analyses, visualizations, and research notebooks
  • Share your code, visualizations and creations with others
  • Explore, clone, reuse and extend other’s shared creations
  • Share your creations and insights with outside audience in a single click

Multiple datasets available

MiPasa Datasets

Models coded by scientists

MiPasa Models
Enhance your user’s experience by sharing content that is “live” and will always updated to show recent data or code
  • Eliminate the steps required to manually move data or visualizations around via Email, CSV, Cloud drives, etc.
  • Eliminating the steps required to manually update data, model analyses or visualizations whenever underlying data or code has changed​

Access and maintain a single source of data “truth”, that is always recent, updated live, and always backward compatible to your models​
  • Datasets in HACERA are auto-updated and transformed for instant use whenever a new version or an update feed is detect
  • Enterprise-blockchain technology helps digitally “pair” and timestamp data transformation code with its unique data version​ed​
  • Enterprise-blockchain technology helps digitally “bind” users code, model analyses and visualizations to the relevant dataset version, ensuring they will never be “broken” as data evolves or changes format
  • Users can reproduce the exact snapshot of data sets, model analyses and visualizations back to any point in time
  • Get notified on dataset updates and structural changes automatically​

Effective Team collaboration around data, models and visualizations​
  • Securely access, share, replicate and reuse data, models, code, insights or visualizations created by your teammates or project members​
  • Manage a robust research and decision-making knowledge repository for your team / project​
  • Gain full control over who can access, share, replicate and publish data​
  • Have your team use same harmonized, always up to date, trusted data​
  • Create and manage teams and projects with multiple participants​

Boost implementation, integration and research productivity with HACERA’s API​
  • Accelerate the creation of applications, services, and solutions, by integrating HACERA’s powerful prebuilt services
  • Customize your data-sharing services in a fine-grained manner​
  • Harness HACERA’s powerful out-of-the-box data security, privacy, provenance, and governance
  • Ease integration and onboarding of backend and legacy data​
  • Easily add powerful data discovery, sharing, provenance, attribution, governance and more to legacy data and applications​
  • Accelerate innovation by utilizing our services to create solutions that make newer things happen.

Jumpstart your code with HACERA’s integrated IDE with prebuilt editor, dataset discovery, coding guidebook, instant visualizations, code notebooks and code examples.

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