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Centralized Identity Management – OUT​

Today’s identity management systems – such as an on-premise Active Directory™, or when authenticating to a single cloud – are limiting and cumbersome as they assumes a single organization or a “super admin” undertaking all duties.​

Unbounded Identity Management (UIM) – IN​

UIM™ enables multiple individuals and organizations to identify, authenticate and authorize participants and organizations to access services, data or systems across multiple networks, organizations, environments and use-cases.

It empowers users and enables a personalized, self-service digital onboarding – so that users can self-authenticate themselves, without relying on a central admin to feed their info, while making sure they’re authorized to perform actions subject to system’s policies, roles, department, organization or even physical location (e.g., in a lab).​

Our Identity Manager supports multiple identity standards such as DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers), while preserving privacy and GDPR requirements.​

HACERA’s Unbounded Identity Manager UIM™ sets organizations up for success, enabling users to auto-manage their account and control what they share, while meeting the strictest regulations such as GDPR, privacy and data segregation.​

Multi-party by DNA

UIM™ allows users of multiple organizations to share data and insights with flexibility and confidence, as they’re free from their corporate boundaries (and their local admin), engaging with other organizations seamlessly​


UIM™ was designed to work with a wide spectrum of standards. While it was built from the ground up to support the latest W3C standards for identity, it also supports legacy systems, making it very easy to work with organizations of different digital capacity


Identity, authentication and authorization are so important to get right, they serve as the basis for every workflow. The secure handling of credentials, digital signatures, permissions and policies, are the basis of secure auditing, monitoring and safe communication and data exchange​

Regulatory Friendly

Instead of “importing” identities to an immutable storage, UIM™ was designed to allow users and organizations to meet GDPR in Europe and support data and identity related export restrictions, as well as the right to be forgotten, when applicable.​

Risk Management

Given the growing amount of cyber-attacks, hacking, and information security breaches worldwide, modern identity management solutions must be built having no single point of and failure and trust, to eliminate risks associated with storing and managing identities and related sensitive information on a single server and by a single organization. UIM™ is designed for decentralization, resilience and continued operations, cross enterprise and cross geography.​

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