HACERA’s Private-sea is a pluggable layer which works across multiple blockchain frameworks, to protect the identity of participants and the content of the transaction (such as amount paid or balances) — even in permissioned blockchains (such as Hyperledger Fabric or Corda) — where the identities of the network participants are verified (and known).

It enables a member to protect and secure data before it enters the public blockchain.

We have the world’s most secure and flexible Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) based privacy solution which works for both the public ledger and in the enterprise.

HACERA Privacy created new attributes obfuscation never before seen in the blockchain environment and brought that to Fabric 1.4 with Identity Mixer, as well as our own privacy preserving Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC).

Many use-cases, even in a blockchain settings — require on one hand enough transparency (for example, to prevent double-spending), but at the same time, sharing sensitive data and information about the participant (who did what) – proved prohibitive.

Without privacy protection — it is very easy to “profile” participants, and to see all of the history of the transaction they made so far.

Our privacy layer provides multiple levels of protection:

  • Identity Protection
    On the identity level — protecting the identity of the participant, so that the network support transactions that don’t leak and disclose the identity of the “sender” or “recipient”
  • Confidentiality
    Protecting and not revealing the content of a transaction (such as the price paid for an item). This is useful in many trade finance and supply chain solutions – where a seller does not want to openly reveal his/her actual cost to the entire network.
  • Transactional Un-linkablity
    In many trade-finance solutions, organizations do not always want the entire network to be able to make a link between different transactions, revealing the global position of a trading party. For example, when a company (say a broker) makes two transactions, purchasing AAPL shares (through an exchange) the broker does not want that everyone in the network would know that the two transactions are basically stemming from one organization.

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