Authentication, Authorization and Auditing at Scale!

A wide spectrum of secure attestations, hierarchical identity attributions, and unique privacy-preserving auditing.

Realtime Risk Monitoring,
Analysis & Control

Quickly detect anomalies during the regular course of business, and transcend beyond traditional after-the-fact investigations.

Confidential Transactions,
Cryptographic Unlinkabilty

Privacy, confidentiality and unlinkability of transactions from both authorized and perspective transaction participants.

Take access control management to the next level with HACERA, to adopt the new generation of decentralized transactional applications.

HACERA helps you protect your data by adding highly-secure, decentralized authentication, authorization and auditing/accounting services to blockchains - so that you do not have to.

Modularily, Flexibility & Configurability

We have made it our mission to design a framework that is not here to displace your blockchain, any of the mainstream DLTs or even your own. HACERA is designed to be highly configurable and allows you to "hit the ground running" by enhancing existing deployments.

Risk Management

We are well aware of the fact that different organizations and industries, as well as different applications have different thresholds for risk, and the choice of a trust model should be based on that threshold. HACERA was designed to support the full spectrum of transactional applications, especially for complying with the strictest policies regarding privacy, sensitive data processing, and service availability.

Zero-Knowledge based Data Protection (Security & Privacy)

HACERA’s selective-release/disclosure functionality and audibility provide true identity of transaction participants in accordance with policy. Effective recourse is enabled if case transactions are later contested (“dispute-resolution friendly”).

HACERA allows organizations and participants to maintain privacy, high-levels of confidentiality, as well as unlinkability, even from the perspective of authorized transaction participants.

Performance & Scalability

One of HACERA's big points is the ability to seamlessly deploy an application using the same underlying API both when running it on own servers and/or on a remote cloud.

HACERA leverages highly advanced cryptography to provide seriously powerful transaction processing capabilities.

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